Baby Back Ribs - $7.25 per lb

The ultimate for rib-lovers! Tender and meaty all-natural pork ribs. Check out our Smoker Bags for an easy, no mess meal.


Bacon Wrapped Filet Chops - $8.50 per lb

These boneless center-cut pork loin filets are wrapped with Harvest Valley Hickory Smoked Bacon for a succulent taste you won't believe. Sure to impress your guests - just slow cook on your grill or broiler!


BBQ Shredded Pork - $6.75 per lb

You won't find this at your local store! Ready for you to heat and eat, just add BBQ sauce for a great BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Makes Sloppy Joe's obsolete!


Boneless Pork Chops - $7.50 per lb

These succulent thick-cut chops are lean, yet moist. Great for grilling, stuffing or baking. Try some orginal Hickory Char Crust meat rub to seal in the juices for a sensational dinner.


Boneless Smoked Mini Ham - $6.75 per lb

This lean, all-natural ham will have your family coming back for seconds! Boneless for little or no waste.


Brat Burgers - $6.25 per lb

Sensational Flavor, no additional seasoning needed. For a truly extraordinary burger, try these! Four burgers to a pack.


Breakfast Links - $6.25 per lb

These small-diameter links are unlike any you've ever tasted. Cook on your counter-top grill for a great express breakfast.

Available in:

  • Regular
  • Apple
  • Maple
  • Spicy


Cottage Bacon - $7.25 per lb

Very unique, it is oval in shape and is cut from the front shoulder. Sliced and hickory smoked.


Ground Ham - $6.75 per lb

Another unique Harvest Valley product. You won't find this at your local store! Makes the best ham balls and ham salad sandwiches! Fully cooked and finely ground.


Ground Pork - $5.50 per lb

Liven up your chili or meatloaf and replace all (or some) of the ground beef with all-natural, lean ground pork for a new twist on old favorites.


Ground Pork Patties - $6.00 per lb

All-natural pork, unseasoned. Four patties to a pack. Ready to grill.


Hot Dogs - All Pork - $6.75 per lb

No fillers in this gourmet version of an American favorite. Experience a truly tasteful hotdog that's good for your entire family.


Italian Sausage - $7.75 per lb

A not-too-spicy all-natural pork sausage with Mediterranean flair. Perfect for all your Italian dishes or on the grill!


Original Canadian Bacon - $8.00 per lb

This prime cut is cured and ultra-lean. Great as a pizza topping or with your toasted English muffin for a great Eggs Benedict.


Original Hickory Smoked Bacon - $7.25 per lb

Mouth-watering, hickory smoked bacon is sliced and ready to cook up for breakfast or dinner. Cut 10-12 slices per pound. Try this tasty lean favorite today.


Peppered Hickory Smoked Bacon - $7.50 per lb

Same great flavor as our Original Hickory Smoked Bacon with the added zing of cracked pepper. Excellent on BLT's or with your morning eggs.


Pork Cutlets - $6.25 per lb

These tenderized pork steaks are ideal for grilling or breaded, and are ready in just a few minutes.


Pork Shoulder Roast - $5.50 per lb

This old family tradition is still popular today. Just put in your crock pot or oven, and enjoy the fantastic tenderness of these bone-in pork roasts. Makes great BBQ sandwiches!


Seasoned Pork Sausage - $5.75 per lb

This unbelievably lean farm-fresh country sausage is seasoned with our special blend of spices for a medium spiced taste. From breakfast patties to Saturday night pizza, this is truly a taste treat!


Smoked Brats - $7.75 per lb regular flavor / $8.50-$8.75 per lb specialty flavors

A German favorite... ground fresh, all-natural pork delicately seasoned to grill or fry and enjoy!

Available in:

  • Regular
  • Jalapeno Cheddar
  • Swiss Mushroom
  • Pineapple
  • Pizza


Smoked Ham Hocks - $6.00 per lb

The perfect accompaniment to add to soups and stews, or in your slow cooker with sauerkraut.


Smoked Ham Steak - $6.75 per lb

A generous slab of all-natural ham. Perfect for breakfast or dinner. Fully cooked. Just heat and eat. Conveniently packaged one ham steak per pack.


Smoked Pork Chops - $7.50 per lb

Table ready, just throw on the grill or heat up until hot. These are excellent for an easy, fast gourmet dinner for the family on the go.


Smoked Sliced Ham - $6.75 per lb

You'll enjoy the convenience of our all-natural, table ready, sliced ham. Lean cured ham at its best. Have a ham sandwich on rye today!


Spare Ribs - $4.25 per lb

Our spare ribs are the meatiest around! Truly finger-lickin' good! These pork ribs are just waiting for your favorite recipe and BBQ sauce!